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Israel 2024 – May 21: Avery Milota

On Tuesday, we got lucky with a 7:45 wake up time!!! This is the very latest we have slept this entire trip! We went to breakfast in the Degainia Bet dining hall and then walked to the original kibbutz and had a nice tefillah. We learned the story of Moshe Bersky who arrived in Degania at 18 years old in 1913. One day he volunteered to help get medicine and was attacked by a gang. He was injured so sent his mule back to Degania with the medication, and the person he saved was Moshe Dayan’s (the most famous Israeli general) father. 

While we were at the birthplace of the kibbutz movement, we had a nice discussion about what we would change in the world in order to have a perfect world. Everything would be fair, no poverty, and equal chance for education. We also talked about how kibbutzim were supposed to be utopian, which is something that we had talked about in Language Arts when we read The Giver and Fahrenheit 451. We can see that there are some flaws in the kibbutz plan, because we learned that only 39 out of 256 kibbutzim remain traditional kibbutzim

After, we visited the Kinneret cemetery and we each learned about really interesting people buried there. Dalia and I learned about Ahharon Megged wrote 35 books in his lifetime and won the Israeli prize of literature. One of his book series was written about his life in a kibbutz after immigrating to Israel. 

After talking with them since November, we finally got to meet our penpals from Beit She’an! I had such an amazing time getting to know everyone! We had a good lunch, learned everyone’s names, played a few games, and made our very own chocolate.

Afterwards, we went for a swim in the kinneret! The water was so beautiful and refreshing, especially after such a hot day! We tanned a little and headed back to the kibbutz for a quick shower before dinner with our pen pals. 

We had a really good dinner, falafel of course! Then, we had a workshop where we got to make our own leather items. There were quite a few options, bracelets, bookmarks, keychains, and hair clips! I made two bookmarks that I got to stamp and dye myself.  It was so fun to make! If you ever made a mistake the artist could fix it right away. 

After a long and exciting day we went back to the kibbutz and went to sleep. Yalla-bye!

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