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Ohio Tax Credit

Ohio bill (Revised Code Section 5747.73) allows all Ohio taxpayers to receive a dollar for dollar credit of up to $750 in cash donation when contributing to a designated tuition scholarship-granting organization (SGO), like Gross Schechter Day School, at no extra cost to you. 

Married couples filing jointly may claim up to $1,500 if each spouse makes a separate contribution of up to $750 to the SGO. As long as your Ohio state tax obligation is equal to or greater than your gift amount, your donation costs you nothing extra.

Donating has never been so easy:

  • Click below to go to the the Every Child, Every Family site.
  • Choose Gross Schechter Day School under the School to Donate To drop down and make your gift.
  • Share with all of your Ohio friends and family!

As with any charitable donation, please contact your tax advisor to see if this opportunity makes sense for you and your family. 

For questions, please contact Renee Greller, Director of Development at 216-763-1400 ext 419 or

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