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Tuition Assistance

Our aim is to make an outstanding Gross Schechter Day School Education as accessible to as many families as possible. We strive to provide tuition assistance scholarships and other financial programs to all who are eligible.

NEW! Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program

To show our appreciation for your family’s continued dedication to formal Jewish education, we are excited to announce a new Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program for ALL current Gross Schechter Day School Early Childhood families, beginning with re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.

For every year a child(ren) is/are enrolled in the Early Childhood (ECE) at Gross Schechter — from the 18 months old through the Pre-K — families earn a $500 credit to be automatically applied toward that child’s Gross Schechter Kindergarten tuition. Current ECE families will receive credits ($500/academic year) dating back to their child’s earliest ECE enrollment (minimum age of 18 months).

The Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program helps support the next steps in a child’s educational journey by automatically enrolling each eligible ECE family and calculating the total credits (up to $2,000) for each rising Kindergarten transitioning from our Pre-K program.

In the ever-changing educational landscape, now more than ever, it pays to be a Gross Schechter student!

To learn more about the Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program, you can find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Middle Income Affordability Initiative

(Available for families with at least one child enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th grade)

The Middle Income Affordability Initiative is a new collaboration with community partners with the goal of increasing the affordability of Jewish Day School, especially Gross Schechter Jewish Day School for middle income families (those whose AGI falls between $150,000-$250,000 annually). Middle income families who have multiple children enrolled will likely especially benefit from this program. For families that meet the eligibility criteria, tuition at Gross Schechter Day School will be capped at 12% of the family’s adjusted gross income (AGI). To apply, please complete this form: Families that apply for the Affordability Initiative should prepare to share their recent W2s and the first pages of their 1040 tax returns. If you have specific questions, please contact DeAnna Martin at or 216-763-1400 x407.

Need-Based Scholarships (K-8 only)

Gross Schechter Day School provides over $500,000 in need-based scholarships every school year to families with students in grades K-8. These awards are available thanks to generous donors and our endowment funds. For the 2022-23 school year, scholarships of up to $10,650 for K all the way up to $13,600 for Middle School, are available for families who have demonstrated need. We encourage all families who think they might qualify for aid to apply no later than February 15 to maximize their potential award.

This is a completely confidential process; our tuition assistance committee is made up of community members who are passionate about Jewish education and Gross Schechter. Every case is presented with no mention of name or any other identifying factors. The Director of Finance reviews all information submitted to FACTS along with any additional information provided by families regarding details that may not be so clear by just reviewing the financials. The information is summarized and presented to the committee in an effort to be as fair as possible in analysis of the situation and providing the appropriate award.

We encourage you to begin the process by applying for financial aid through the online FACTS system as soon as possible. The application can be found here.

Timeline for Tuition Assistance for Re-Enrolling Families is as follows:

  • February 15: Deadline for applying via FACTS:
  • February 25: Deadline for uploading all necessary forms for FACTS to review
  • March 20: Awards and payment plans provided to families
  • March 31: Deadline to sign & return award letters to the Business Office
  • April 1: Last day a family can notify the Admissions Office in writing to withdraw without being financially obligated for the upcoming school year

Newly enrolling families may apply for tuition assistance at the time of their application for admission.

More information on the FACTS process can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the process or need any additional information, please contact DeAnna Martin at or 216-763-1400 x407.

Ed Choice Scholarships (K-8)

There are two scholarships being offered by the Ohio Department of Education: EdChoice (for students who live in school districts with under-performing schools Kindergarten through Grade 8) and EdChoice Expansion, a sliding scale voucher program, based on household income, for families choosing private schools. For more information, please visit EdChoice Ohio or contact DeAnna Martin at

Jewish Communal Professional (JCP) Tuition Credit (ECC-8)

Gross Schechter is offering all Jewish communal employees up to 35% off tuition (Early Childhood through Grade 8). Please note: this does not apply to ECC enrichment or other fees. In general, eligibility applies to families with Early Childhood through Grade 8 children with a parent who works at:

Agencies affiliated with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland

Other approved Jewish community organizations


Please click here to download the Jewish Communal Professionals’ Tuition Credit Program Verification Form. Print the form and provide the requested information. Ask your employer to complete the form on your behalf. Sign, date and please return the completed form to Gross Schechter so we can continue your eligibility process.