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Israel 2024 – May 20: Miriam Shapiro

Monday was a happy but sad day at the same time. The KBA kids had left the night before and we were all super sad they were leaving because we became such good friends, but we still had to keep going. 

We got a new tour guide named Yoni. Hillary had told us he was really tall, but we didn’t think he was going to be like 7 feet tall! We started the day doing a little ice breaker with him.  He told us to tell him our names and the punch line to a joke. 

After that we had tefillah at a beautiful overlook the looked over all of Jerusalem. The park was the first public park outside of the old city walls. 

After a very meaningful Tefillah, we headed to the Israeli Supreme Court where we walked around and looked at the architecture. Once again, we saw just how much detail and thought is put into making Israel’s buildings have so much symbolic meaning and intention. An example at the Supreme Court is that all of the limestone is pulled from different parts of Israel so that a everyone is represented in the decisions and finding justice. There’s also a big window overlooking the escalator that leads up to the judge’s chambers to remind them of who they are working for while also representing the need for Israelis to be able to see inside of the justice process. While we were at the the Supreme Court, we got to sit in on a case that was about smoking in public places. One of the lawyers on the case is the son of Israel’s most famous prosecutor, the man who was the lawyer in the Adolf Eichman case.  

After that we got onto the bus and headed to the Beit She’Ean area and got some delicious shawarma and falafel for lunch. 

Then we went to the very beautiful Sachne which is a gorgeous natural spring. Some people think that it’s the location of the garden of Eden. At the spring, there were lots of little fish that like to eat the dead skin off your feet – people actually use them in pedicures.  Shaylee and I had such a good time letting them eat our feet, but by the end, I had fish from my foot all the way up to my knee, which felt very, very weird.

We dried off and headed to the kibbutz we were staying at which was called Degania Bet, which has become home to many families evacuated from the north. Overall, it was a pretty good day, but we were missing our KBA friends a lot!


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