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Gift of Kindergarten: An Incentive Program

To show our appreciation for your family’s continued dedication to formal Jewish education, we are excited to announce a new Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program for ALL current Gross Schechter Day School Early Childhood families, beginning with re-enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.

For every year your child(ren) is/are enrolled in Early Childhood (ECE) at Gross Schechter — from the 18 months old through the Pre-K — families earn a $500 credit to be automatically applied toward that child’s Gross Schechter Kindergarten tuition. Current ECE families will receive credits ($500/academic year) dating back to their child’s earliest ECE enrollment (minimum age of 18 months).

As parents, you have already made the important choice of where to begin your child’s education. The Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program helps support the next steps in your child’s educational journey by automatically enrolling each eligible ECE family and calculating the total credits (up to $2,000) for each rising Kindergarten transitioning from our Pre-K program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Gift of Kindergarten Incentive Program?

A new incentive program that shows our appreciation for your dedication to a continued Jewish education. Beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year, ECE families (18 months through Pre-K) begin accruing $500 annually towards your child’s Gross Schechter kindergarten tuition.

What if I have already signed my enrollment contract for next year?

Congratulations! You have already begun accruing funds!

My student has been enrolled at Gross Schechter since 18-months of age, and is a rising Kindergartner for next school year. Do I only get the $500 for my student’s Gross Schechter enrollment in the current school year?

Any current ECE student receives credit for each previous year of eligible enrollment, dating back to their time in the 18-month classroom. This means that a current Pre-K student who has been enrolled in Gross Schechter since 18-months of age will receive the full $2,000 credit towards Kindergarten tuition for the following school year.

What is the maximum amount of credits my child can earn?

Students who start with us in the 18 month program in 2023-24 could earn up to $2,000 (4 years of $500 credit for each student) in credit toward Gross Schechter tuition to be applied in the year the student enters kindergarten.

Who is eligible?

All students who enroll in the ECE program beginning in 2023-24 school year are eligible. The full $500 credit will be available to any student who enrolls in our ECE at any time during an academic year.

I have more than one student in ECE. Am I eligible for the incentive for all of my ECE students?

Yes! You earn the credit for each of your children.

How do I redeem this credit when my child enters kindergarten at Gross Schechter Day School?

Any ECE student who continues on to Kindergarten at Gross Schechter will automatically have any accrued amounts applied as a credit on their account for that academic year. There are no extra steps!

Can I use the credit toward any other fees?

No. The credit can only be applied toward Gross Schechter Kindergarten tuition, and cannot be used towards fees or other charges.

Do the funds accrued have cash or cash out value?

No. The funds are an investment of Gross Schechter dollars into the future tuition of ECE students, and therefore only valid when applied to Gross Schechter Kindergarten tuition for the same student. Accrued funds are non-transferable between siblings and other family members. Questions? Contact DeAnna Martin at or 216-763-1400 x407.

I qualify for the Employee Discount and/or the Jewish Communal Professional Credit. Can I claim one of those incentives in addition to this one?

No. You cannot combine the Employee Discount and/or Jewish Communal Professional Credit with this incentive. If you qualify for more than one discount program, you will get the benefit of the highest discount. This incentive CAN be combined with traditional financial aid, our Middle Income Incentive Initiative, and Ed Choice.

Are there any other tuition Incentive programs that are offered?

Yes. Gross Schechter offers several programs, including a Middle Income Incentive Initiative, traditional financial aid, Ed Choice. For more information on these programs please visit Questions? Contact DeAnna Martin at or 216-763-1400 x407.

Can I still apply for traditional financial assistance, use Ed Choice vouchers and/or qualify for the Middle Income Affordability Initiative?

Yes. Families that are earning credits using the Welcome to Kindergarten Incentive program can still apply for traditional financial assistance, use Ed Choice vouchers and/or the Middle Income Incentive Initiative. Please contact DeAnna Martin at to discuss details.