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Working with the elderly in Beit Shean

For our eighth grade journey to Israel, we had the amazing opportunity to be paired up with another eighth grader who lives in Beit Shean. Recently, after months of emailing, we were able to spend the past two days meeting and getting to know our pen pals! Not only did we become close friends with our individual pen pal, but our entire class became friends with theirs.

Along with many ice breakers and tons of fun water activities, we also volunteered at Beit Ha’kashish, an elderly home, together. When we were there, not only were we completing the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam, as we have each month at school, but we were able to use our knowledge of the Hebrew language in a hands- on experience. At Beit Ha’kashish, my pen pal, Lital, and I spoke with and got to know some of the residents. We also made a beautiful mosaic of a fish. I am so glad I was able to make memories with my pen pal while brightening the day for those around me.