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Why I Give

Testimonials from alumni, parents, and donors

Alumni Parent

“We give to Schechter because our 3 alumni students are the mensches and leaders that they are because of the values and education that was instilled in each of them at such a formative.” 


“We give because we see what Schechter has done and continues to do for our grandchildren, we see how proud they are to be Jewish and it’s a big nachas for us as grandparents.”


“I give to Schechter because I love Schechter and I am proud of Schechter! Not only do I learn English and science and math, I also know Hebrew and all about being Jewish. I get to star in plays, go to Washington DC, but will also spend three weeks in Israel when I’m in eighth grade. Schechter is my home!”


“We are proud to give to Gross Schechter Day School because these Jewish students are our future and we want to ensure that they have the right resources and learn the right skills from the right people, to grow into the leaders that Schechter produces year in and year out.”

Current Parent and School Alum: “We give because it’s a tangible way to provide direct support to an institution that has given me and my family so much. It directly impacts the best outcome for my children socially, mentally and academically. I strongly believe that it’s a responsibility, being a part of the jewish community, to support our organizations. Most importantly, it sets a good example and lays the foundation for our kids.”