Watch our Garden Grow

This summer, construction will begin on the initial phase of the garden project that will have a strong impact on our curriculum, community engagement and involvement in Tikkun Olam. We envision the creation of a sustainable garden that will create an opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom. Our goal is to enhance our curriculum by incorporating produce related to the bible which will provide our students with experiential learning, harvest produce and grains that can be provided to under-served communities, utilize harvest in our own lunch program, build community through participation in garden programs and enhance our campus with a new green space that can be used for education, recreation, meditation and more. This project will provide valuable educational opportunities for students to be directly involved in agricultural studies, as well as build community for all our volunteers (students/parents/community members) to work together in the garden.

Throughout the school year, the garden will play a regular role in many of our educational programs geared towards  all of our students, from early childhood through middle school.  Students will be involved in planting, maintaining and harvesting the produce in the garden. Students will also utilize the beautiful green space for classroom study, meditation, tefilla, art and school programs. Once the garden is fully established, agricultural studies for all grade levels will further be incorporated into the curriculum, having a direct impact on the learning opportunities for our students. Programs will be planned around holidays where we can utilize the garden as a venue, as well as coordinate student-parent programs that provide intergenerational learning opportunities.  The garden will also be incorporated into our Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) program, where we will involve our partner organizations to participate in garden programming along with the intention to donate a portion of the produce to organizations in need, helping our students further understand the value of Pikuach Nefesh (preservation of life) and Tikkun Olam. The garden will undoubtedly become an important part of our school, not only from a curriculum standpoint, but also through its green space and community building opportunities.

As you know, our school strives to provide the best educational opportunities for our students, and we see this garden as a way to enhance the education of our students with hands-on experiential learning. We are grateful for our partnership with the Cleveland Botanical Garden, who is providing consultation and will continue to work closely with our committee and staff to help guide us through the process and help us to best maximize this space.  We are also incredibly grateful to the Hershey Foundation, the Michael and Anita Siegal Family Foundation and the Whole Kids Foundation, who have so generously supported this project and helped it come to fruition.

Through our programming, as well as our harvest and distribution of produce to organizations in need, our students will see first-hand how they can make a meaningful impact on our community and how our school can do something tangible for those less fortunate. The education opportunities provided by the garden will be endless, and we know that the garden will truly deepen the education, compassion and community building for our students, families and the greater community. We look forward to many occasions together in the garden!

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