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The following essay was written by 8th grade student, Adam Kahn, and received 10th place in the Power of the Pen Competition.

Prompt: Describe the tedium of waiting in line. For what?
By: Adam Kahn
The Doctor’s Office
As I walked in the immediate screams and cries of the babies echoed through my ears, and my head was pounding. The smell of the powder was suffocating. Kids smacked the fish tank as the receptionist’s phone was never detached from her ear. Kids came out with lollipops in their hands, but their faces showed a different feeling. The doctor’s office.
I walked in and sat down. My leg jumped up and down and I sat  on the edge of my seat. Finally the receptionist put down the phone. Shaking in fear I told her I had an appointment with Dr. Leonard Frankel. Soon I sat back down again, waiting. I was  told that it was only a check up and it would only be an hour, but it definitely felt more than that. I  waited for what seemed an eternity. I broke into a sweat. The fear pumped through my veins just wondering when this horror story would end. The nurse  walked in and called, “Jimmy” with a smirk that seemed to almost tease me because I was  still sitting there. Finally the moment came after my watch had already passed the “6” on the clock twice. The nurse reeled me in with all her might. Pulling and pulling until I was placed into the bright white cubicle. Emptiness breathed the air and soon enough fear. The doctor  entered after the minute hand  passed the “6” for the third time. By now the hairs on my neck had already risen.The cold hands  touched my skin as I cringed in search for braveness. I braced myself for what was coming, but before I could, the shot had already pierced my skin. Looking at it made me woozy, but  I was able to stay on my feet. I walked solemnly to the door terrified about what had just happened. The nurse said, “See you again soon!” The words bounced around in my head, soon. Standing frozen in the office I repeated to myself, never again will I go through that pain again to wait through that tretorous, annoying line that would bring me hell. “Never again will I walk through this door,” I said as it slammed behind me. But soon enough it would…….. (1 year)
As soon as my trembling hands opened the door, the cries and screams returned.

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