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8th Grade


Atlit Camp

Throughout our lives, we have always been learning about the Holocaust. The camps, the suffering, and the anti-Semitism were all mentioned in classes of ours. But what my classmates and I never learned was what happened after the Holocaust had ended. Unfortunately, things didn’t go back to normal and the suffering still continued. To learn more about this, we visited...
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Rafting on the Jordan

5,4,3,2,1! We were in the Hatzbany River in our raft. Right when we got close to the other groups raft we started splashing them and pulling them into our raft. The only time we were allowed to splash our teachers without getting in trouble was now. Pumping into the sides of the of the Hatzbany River that flows right into...
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Galita Chocolate Factory

After going on an amazing hike at Mount Arbel, we went to the Galita Chocolate Factory at Kibbutz Degania Bet. When you first walked in, you immediately smelled the amazing chocolate that was being made. You can see the checkout that has a huge glass case with gourmet truffles and candies. From there we went into a “theatre” and watched...
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