by Matt Norton

For the last few months our Seventh Graders have been putting their minds to work as they prepare for our Annual Science Fair. All 28 students started from the beginning with hypotheses and theories all the way through testing and drawing conclusions. Some of the topics that were explored are: Does the temperature of a ball effect its bounce?; The Effects of different containers and mold growth; Stroop Effects; Effects of violence in video games and personalities; Does music effect heart rate? And many more! We are so proud of all of our Seventh Grade Students and their hard work. The following students will be attending the Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair March 6-9, 2017 at John Carroll University:

Maya Dori

Perry Gelwasser

Nora Igelnik

Michael Karpov

Jayden Sussman

Daniel Uria

Shayna Caruso

Jamie Marderstein

Abbe Newman

Noah Saidel

Congratulations to all students and good luck at NEOSEF!

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