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Rosh Hanikra

On Monday, the 28th of April we visited Rosh Hanikra. Rosh Hanikra is located on the coast of Israel next to the Mediterranean Sea. For many years the waves from the Mediterranean have crashed into the shore to form water caves and tunnels. As a class we went to explore the caves and see how much the waves from the Mediterranean have effected the shoreline over thousands of years.

To get down to where the caves were we went in cable cars that lowered us to the shoreline that we could see a short film and then start exploring the caves. When the video ended, Ariel, our tour guide led us into one of the caves. The ground was very slippery so we had to be very careful while walking around. While walking through the caves everybody was stunned at the beautiful views that everybody could not resist filling their cameras with pictures. There were many pools and streams that flowed through the caves and into the Mediterranean.

When we exited the caves we went back up to the top of the shoreline and got to see a great view of the Mediterranean. Everybody had their cameras out and were taking group pictures and selfies with the shore in the background. We also ate ice cream and popsicles from a little stand just outside of the water caves. Everybody had a blast at Rosh Hanikra and we were all sad to leave and put an end to a long day of touring different sites on Yom Hashoa.

~ Jonah