read for life
Check out the unbelievable excitement at our Closing Ceremony at Gross Schechter Day School!  The 2016 Read for Life Program has come to an end.  It has been an amazing journey.  We have traveled the world during the last nine weeks.  Our reading has taken us to different countries and through our reading, we have learned about the people, the food and the landscape of places outside of the United States.  We couldn’t have made this trip without the generous support of the Grinberg family, in memory of their daughter, Sveta, who was an avid reader. As a school this year we read 1,287 books.  What an amazing number!  Impressive, kids! Reading takes you on a journey and introduces you to the world around you.  Your great reading also HELPS those in need.  For every 10 books read by Schechter this year, we are donating one brand new book to the Head Start program; which means, Head Start children will be getting 128 new books all because of you.  Way to go!

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Rachel Lappen

Rachel is the proud parent of two Schechter students.