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Gross Schechter Day School begins in Infant Care and continues through 8th Grade.  Read below to discover more about all of our programs and our vibrant student life.

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Our  Infant Care program provides a nurturing and loving environment for children, ages six weeks through 18 months, in a low student:teacher ratio. Learn more about this wonderful program.

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Gross Schechter Day School’s ECC  encourages creativity, exploration and self-discovery in a nurturing and caring environment filled with the joy of Jewish learning and living. Our curriculum is designed to foster growth in all areas of your child’s development. Learn more about our program.

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The halls of our Lower School, Grades K-4 are alive with the sounds of students engaged in meaningful learning activities. Our team of dedicated teachers is committed to developing each student’s individual strengths and to enabling each student to achieve personal success. Learn more about everything our Lower School offers.

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Gross Schechter Day School’s Middle School program stresses critical thinking and creativity, curiosity and perseverance and global awareness and personal responsibility. Students are given greater independence than in earlier grades and encouraged to set and reach individual goals. Teachers work closely with our students to ensure that each student reaches personal success. Learn more about our Middle School.

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At Schechter, we want our students to be engaged in and outside of the classroom We are proud to offer many extra-curricular activities for our students and continue to add additional programs each year. Read more about our Student Life.