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Portrait of a Schechter Graduate


portrait of a graduate

A graduate of Gross Schechter Day School is instilled with a deep sense of:

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  • Thriving academically in all settings
  • Developing a love of life-time learning
  • Having a deep sense of intellectual curiosity
  • Developing an ability to work collaboratively and independently
  • Solving complex problems with creativity and critical thought
  • Developing as a well-rounded individual achieving their own personal potential
  • Possessing personal time-management, organizational and study skills
  • Effectively utilizing technology to enhance and increase learning
  • Recognizing and applying mathematical concepts in everyday life
  • Understanding the way in which science is interwoven, interdisciplinary
  • Demonstrating mastery of understanding of the scientific method
  • Developing a love and appreciation for a variety of creative arts
  • Using oral, written, artistic, and musical forms for self-expression
  • Developing effective and appropriate public speaking skills

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  • Showing global awareness, respect, and knowledge of different peoples and cultures
  • Developing a commitment to Tikkun Olam (social responsibility) through acts of tzedakah (creating a just world)
  • Advocating for themselves, others, and important causes
  • Assuming leadership roles personally and professionally in the Jewish community and beyond
  • Participating appropriately in cooperative and collaborative learning groups
  • Developing life-long learning skills and desire, and intellectual curiosity
  • Using conflict resolution, problem solving, and mediation skills
  • Demonstrating knowledge and care for the environment
  • Being a literate, respectful, and ethical user of emerging technology and social media
  • Demonstrating Jewish values in their daily life

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  • Being a role model in the community and behaving with integrity and honor
  • Remaining connected to each other and to GSDS for life
  • Celebrating the pluralistic thoughts and ideas of our peers
  • Supporting members of the community in times of joy and sorrow
  • Forging life-long friendships based on shared experiences and commitment to the ideals of the school

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  • Reading, writing, and speaking Hebrew
  • Reading, explaining, interpreting, and applying personal meaning to traditional Jewish Texts (Tanakh (Bible), Siddur, Mishnah, and Talmud)
  • Knowledge and understanding of daily, Shabbat, and holiday prayers
  • Celebrating diverse Jewish views, ideas, and practices
  • Developing a deep connection to Israel, its people, and its culture
  • Demonstrating knowledge of Jewish holidays and practices, and incorporating them into daily life
  • Demonstrating knowledge of Jewish history and Jewish literature and understanding its impact today
  • Synthesizing Jewish Traditions and personal values

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Gabriel Weinstein, Schechter Class of 2005
High School
Shaker Heights High School, 2009
Ohio University
Current Occupation
Sports Editor, The Taos News
Recipient of the Jeanette Grasselli Brown Cutler Scholarship Award, a full-four year scholarship to Ohio University
3 second place awards for education writing, investigative reporting and environmental and agricultural writing in the 2013-2014 New Mexico Press Association Better Newspaper Contest
2 first place awards for Sports Writing and Sports Coverage in the 2014-2015 New Mexico Press Association Better Newspaper Contest
Winner of the 2011 India Future of Change Essay Contest-Best Essay, Overseas Division
“ I credit Schechter for sparking my interest in Judaic Studies. My Schechter experience led me to report on the Indian Jewish community for New Voices magazine, intern in the history department at the Institute of Southern Jewish Life, participate in the Germany Close Up program in Germany and write about Northern New Mexico’s Jewish History for I have also given presentations about the Jews of India and Jewish involvement in professional baseball at the Taos Jewish Center. Without Schechter, I doubt I would have done those things. I still keep in touch with a few of my Schechter classmates and cherish those bonds. I know I will be friends with them for the rest of my life.”

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Alix and Anna
Alix Rosenberg and Anna Weinstein, Schechter class of 2002
ANNA: Shaker Heights High School, 2006
ALIX: Orange High School, 2006
ANNA: Barnard College, 2010
ALIX: University of Rochester, 2010
ANNA: Late Night Television Assistant, NBC Universal, New York, NY ALIX: Label Relations,
Spotify, New York, NY
“Our graduating class is still very close! We have maintained meaningful and significant relationships with one another. We all share a similar drive as we journey on a “path of passion”. Our friends are good people, come from good families and are characterized by a moral compass. Our parents were also all friends, which enhanced our Schechter family.”

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Lindsay and Danny
Danny (Schechter class of 1998), Lyndsay (Schechter class of 1996) Jacob (6), Joshie (10 mos) & Noah (3) Shoag
Fuchs Mizrachi School, 2002
Harvard University, 2006
Harvard University, PhD, 2011
Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA
Selected as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 for Law and Policy in 2012
“I entered high school a year ahead in math thanks to my Schechter education. That head start let me
take classes at Case Western Reserve University as a junior and senior, which put me on the advanced
track in college and graduate school. I owe a lot to the foundation Schechter laid for me.”

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Erica (Schechter class of 1993), Anthony, Sofia (Schechter class of 2025) & Sammy (Schechter class of 2023)
Charles F. Brush High School, 1997
Miami University, 2001
Cleveland Marshall College of Law, 2004
General Counsel at OverDrive, lnc.,Cieveland, OH
Cleveland Hillel Foundation, Board Member
Gross Schechter Day School, Board Member
“The dual program at Schechter set me up for success. I excelled in academics in high school, college and law school, and continue to achieve in my career. As I walk through the halls with my two children now, I feel the same sense of community. Having the shared experience with my children gives real-life meaning to l’dor va’dor.”