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Working with the elderly in Beit Shean

For our eighth grade journey to Israel, we had the amazing opportunity to be paired up with another eighth grader who lives in Beit Shean. Recently, after months of emailing, we were able to spend the past two days meeting and getting to know our pen pals! Not only did we become close friends with our individual pen pal, but...
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Beit Shean

When I first arrived in Beit Shean, I was pretty nervous. We walked up and it seemed that everyone welcomed us immediately and I easily felt comfortable. I met some pen pals including mine that were very nice. We started with ice breakers and afterwards played soccer and volleyball. It was really fun. The bus came later to pick us...
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Rafting on the Jordan River

We walked off the bus with our bathing suits and quickly changed. The instructor showed us a map of the river and told us where to go and where not to go. We split up into groups of five and each group was assigned one adult to go with them. The adult that went on my raft was our Madricha,...
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Har Arbel

On Friday,, we started our day like any other; woke up at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00, but we went somewhere special for Tfillah. We went to Mt. Arbel. We hiked to the top and prayed. Then we wrote in our journals about the amazing view. There was the Hula Valley below us and rolling mountains all around. After journal time,...
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Shabbat in Tzfat

Last Shabbat, we stayed in Tzfat. Friday evening we went to the Carlebach Beit Knesset for Maariv. The ruach was very moving, as well as their melody for Lecha Dodi. After Maariv, we returned to the hotel for Shabbat dinner. After we were finished singing Shabbat songs and Birkat Hamazon, we were given a choice of waking up early in...
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A Prisoner’s Experience

A Prisoner’s Experience – April 16, 2015 Today, April 16, 2015, we visited the old city of Acco(Acre). One stop was the Acco Prison. This prison has a very interesting story, and was used by the Crusaders during the Crusades, and the British during the British Mandate. The British imprisoned Underground Jewish movements such as Etzel(Irgun Zva’i Leumi) and Hagana....
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The Old City of Acco (Acre)

Today we visited the old city of Acco (Acre). One stop was the Acco Prison. This prison has a very interesting story. It was used by the Crusaders during the Crusades and the British during the British Mandate. The British imprisoned Underground Jewish movements such as Etzel (Irgun Zva’i Leumi) and Hagana. Many were just kept as prisoners, but a...
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A Wheely Good Time

A Wheely Good Time – April 15, 2015 Yesterday, we woke up fairly early (even though most of us were too excited to sleep and were already awake) and headed down for our first T’fillah in Israel, followed by breakfast at the kibbutz we were staying at. We proceeded to get on our tour bus to head to a sport...
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Har Bental

Jordan, Syria and Lebanon all surround Israel. From the Golan Heights, there is a mountain of where you can see all of these borders. This mountain is called Har Bental. While on this mountain, we saw many different things like UN soldiers and underground bunkers. Har Bental is also a volcano, so all of the rocks look like they are...
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Atlit Camp

Throughout our lives, we have always been learning about the Holocaust. The camps, the suffering, and the anti-Semitism were all mentioned in classes of ours. But what my classmates and I never learned was what happened after the Holocaust had ended. Unfortunately, things didn’t go back to normal and the suffering still continued. To learn more about this, we visited...
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