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Week in Review – November 20, 2015

Enjoy highlights from our spectacular week in review!
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kids who are changing the world

Changing the World

In the middle school we go to a different place every month to volunteer and help people who need it. This is a program called TOPs. TOPs stands for Tikkun Olam Program.
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technology and hebrew

Technology and Hebrew

Like many schools, Gross Schechter has an expressed goal of ensuring that our students learn effective, proficient and fluent use of technology. We all know that developing and honing this skill is a necessary part of a 21st-century, outstanding education, and, yet, there is sometimes a barrier of fear.
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integrated education hebrew

A Well Rounded Education

Through a rigorous integrated curriculum, our students gain mastery in both General Studies and Judaic Studies at Schechter. Our students benefit personally from a deep immersion in the second language of Hebrew, the language of our shared heritage and history.
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Music students in class

Music to My Ears… Building Mind, Body and Soul

by Rory Sanders, Music Teacher, K-8 Music accesses the part of ourselves that is soul-worthy. To reach the “specialness” that each of us represents, we sing, emote and dance rhythmically to express melody and the beat. We can connect through song in a way that transcends differences, which is one of the reasons music is so powerful. The way I...
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Week in Review – November 6, 2015

Enjoy highlights from another spectacular week at Gross Schechter!
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The Siren Heard Across the Country

The Siren Heard Across the Country Today it is Yom HaShoah, the day we commemorate the Holocaust. We were in traffic when we heard the siren that is heard across the country that makes us all stop and remember. We also went to the camp of Atlit. After the war refugees would try to get to the land of Israel...
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Middle School Menches of the Month

Morris Davidov: Morris is always smiling while exuding a positive attitude.  He consistently offers his help and assistance to classmates and teachers.  He is ready to lend a hand with homework, holding doors, putting books away and more.  Morris really listens when people talk to him and is polite and respectful.  He apologizes when he is wrong and works to...
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Kabbalat Tikun Ceremony

Kabbalat Tikun, a special moment for our 4th grade students The fourth grade celebrated their skill as Torah readers on Wednesday evening, May 27, at their Kabbalat Tikun ceremony.  In addition to chanting a verse from the Torah, each student shared an insight about how a Torah scroll is created and what the Torah means to us as Jews.  The...
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