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Gross Schechter Week in Review – March 18

March 18, 2022 15 Adar II 5782 Parashat Tzav Candle Lighting 7:18 pm Dear Kehillat Schechter, Yesterday I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I could not have been more thankful to Gross Schechter Day School’s parent body for choosing GSDS as their children’s school. While in our Purim parade, and our spectacular all-school Megillah reading, it was very clear to me that–together–we are growing...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – February 18

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Please join me in wishing Mazal Tov to Avery Milota and her family on Avery becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Avery was called to the Torah last Shabbat afternoon at Congregation Shaarey Tikvah, and then we celebrated Avery and her family’s simcha at Gross Schechter Day School yesterday during Middle School Tefilah. Mazal Tov Avery! You make us all proud! The team...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – February 11th

Dear Kehillat Schechter, In this Shabbat’s parsha, Tetzaveh, Moshe is commanded to receive pure olive oil from the children of Israel so that  Aaron can kindle, from evening till morning, the everlasting light. Here at Gross Schechter Day School, students joyously engaged in a wide variety of learning and leadership opportunities provide the kindling that illuminates the entire building. This was especially true...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – January 28th

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Mazal Tov to the Cooper Shapiro family on their daughter Miriam in 6th grade becoming a Bat Mitzvah. This Shabbat, Miriam will celebrate her becoming a Bat Mitzvah at Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue. We had the pleasure of honoring Miriam and celebrating with her family at this past Thurdsay’s middle school tefillah in the Merkaz. Miriam read her Torah...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – January 14, 2022

Dear Kehillat Schechter, In Tehillim 115 we learn: “The heavens are the Lord’s heavens, but the earth God has given to humanity.” The Tu B’shevat learning and experiences throughout Gross Schechter Day school this week not only taught but amplified this message. Students gained a deeper appreciation for the awe inspiring gift of our natural world as well as an increasing understanding...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – February 4th

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Inspiring and moving events unfolded this week at Gross Schechter Day School, despite forces of nature shortening our time together in the classrooms. First, eight 4th graders demonstrated their mastery of Hebrew language acquisition, public speaking and Torah study by reading from the Torah in Middle School Tefillah for the first time. Second, as the basketball season got underway, our...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – October 29, 2021

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Acting as guardians of the gift of good health is a behavior and Jewish value we model at Gross Schechter Day School. To reinforce our efforts in this area, it is our pleasure to announce our new School Nurse, Jessica Godshal. We are excited  to have Jessica on board after she filled in as one of the substitutes in...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – October 22, 2021

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Mazal tov to Ezra Epstein on becoming a Bar Mitzvah this Shabbat! We were honored to celebrate Ezra, along with his parents, Leah and Jeff, and sister Dalia at Thursday’s outdoor tefillah and Torah reading service. Ezra and his family have every reason to be beaming with pride as they continue their celebration with Congregation Shaarey Tikvah throughout Shabbat. Special thanks to Rabbi Scott Roland for joining...
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Gross Schechter Week in Review – October 15, 2021

Dear Kehillat Schechter, Mazal tov to Gross Schcechter’s fourth grade class on their receiving of their tikkunim today! This morning we gathered with the families to celebrate the Class of 2026 first steps toward becoming proficient Torah readers. We are very grateful to Dr. Sylvia Kramer, Anne Adelman and the Malcmacher, Adelman, Kramer and Evans families for making this possible. Dr. Sylvia Kramer shared the inspiring family...
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A Day Filled With Ruach-Gross Schechter’s Color War

On April 30th, our Gross Schechter building was bursting at the seams with crazy colors, loud laughter, and ridiculously rowdy RUACH, as we took advantage of every minute of the day to celebrate Lag Ba’Omer with our annual COLOR WAR! Each class/team was its own color, in order to maintain COVID-19 protocols. And while each team earned points by completing...
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