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Mount Arbel

You don’t usually do Tefillah (prayer service) on a mountain, and I was very lucky that my class and I had the experience. It was a Rosh Hodesh (start of the month of Iyar) day so even thoughTefillah took longer, it was special. We were very high up and got to look at the entire city of Tiberias. It was such a beautiful view off of Mount Arbel.

Before taking our first step down the cliff you needed to take a moment and realize how beautiful the scenery was. In my perspective it was absolutely gorgeous and probably a one time opportunity to climb down a cliff so I needed to make it worthwhile. I certainly made sure to follow one rule – to stay focused and not fall to my death. We stepped on the short edges and quickly swished through the small crevices. One after the other we hurried and slid on our behinds just to get down. We held onto ropes and handles that helped us along the way. The climbing part was very interesting and fun. We even saw a side of the cliff that had gum on it,we called it the gum wall.

After we finished the cliff climbing we toured the castle on the side of the mountain which was empty and dusty, but it had a lot of rooms and decorations carved into the walls. Even though many of us were terrified, we were very proud at the end of our hike down the cliff.  I absolutely loved this part of the trip. If I had another chance to go back I would defiantly agree to.