Morris Davidov:

Morris is always smiling while exuding a positive attitude.  He consistently offers his help and assistance to classmates and teachers.  He is ready to lend a hand with homework, holding doors, putting books away and more.  Morris really listens when people talk to him and is polite and respectful.  He apologizes when he is wrong and works to make things right.  Morris is a mensch!

Jacob Solomon:

Jacob is always cheerful and kind to others.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and never mean to others.  Jacob is willing to help others with homework, share snacks and push wheelchairs. He is genuinely interested in his classmates.  He is an integral part of minyan, participating in many different ways.  He is not only kind to his peers, but to his teacher. We all loved his chocolate guitars! Jacob is a mensch!

Roni Peleg:

Roni is always willing to step up to help classmates when they need a hand, whether it be with their supplies or helping them understand a project that  she may be working on. Roni was recognized by her classmates as someone who always gives great pep talks, who puts away lots of computers even though she may be rushing to class and who always has a bounce in  her step. She is a regular T’fillah leader, a regular Torah reader and a regular participant.  Roni is a mensch.

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