Join us in congratulating our Mensches in June!

Sixth Grade – Ayala Galili was nominated by her classmates AND her teachers. She is always willing to help out and take around a new student shadowing the school. She makes sure her friends are never sitting alone and reaches out to those around her. Ayala is a great friend and walks into each class with a smile.

Seventh Grade – Abbe Newman is a student who is a good friend to many students. She is generous and willing to help other students and teachers, too. She is always engaged and enthusiastic during our Tikkun Olam programs. In addition this year, Abbe donated time after school every week to work with a younger student. I’m not sure that more than a few students knew this about her. Abbe is one of those quiet people who consistently do the right thing without demanding recognition or praise. We are lucky to have Abbe Newman as one of our students and she is definitely the 7th grade mensch of the month!

Eighth Grade – Zach Mangel has been nominated over 20 times for his menschiness! Throughout the course of the year, he has been generous and has shared the many quizlets that he had made. He also was nominated for helping his peers with math, Hebrew and anything else that his classmates are struggling in. We hope that Sister Zach continues his acts of loving kindness as he heads off to high school.

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