Please join us in congratulating our Mensches of January!

Sixth Grade – Sam Cohen is a mensch! He is always helping his classmates with their math homework- even when he isn’t in their class! He takes time out of his advisory period to patiently and kindly explain math concepts and help with problems. He was nominated by several of his classmates for helping with homework. Sam is always polite and kind to everyone. He loves to make people laugh and often has a joke ready to make people smile. He is a loyal friend and a wonderful addition to the 6th grade class and to the entire middle school.

Seventh Grade – Noa Rabkin was nominated by several of her peers for helping others with math and other homework. She is always helpful and kind. During each and every Tikkun Olam program we do, Noa is engaged and enthusiastic. We can always count on Noa to bring a smile, calm, and joy to those around her. What a MENSCH !

Eighth Grade – Lindy Bobrow has been an active member of the 8th grade since the beginning of the year. She is excited to volunteer for new opportunities and you can always find her working in a group or on her own to be the best student she can be. Lindy volunteered her home to host the Israel trip meeting and made each classmate feel at home. Lindy also volunteered to work on the reading week committee to get the younger students excited about this amazing program. Way to go, Lindy- you are a mensch.

Geveret Hoff was nominated by a student because of her work that went into decorating our hallway for Chanukah. We appreciate you taking the time to hang up the lights and all the other decorations!

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