mensch of the month

Please join us in congratulating our October Mensches of the Month!

Morris Davidov – Eighth Grade – Morris’ kindness does not go unnoticed by anyone, even teachers in the lower school have come to me and commented on how Morris leads by example. Morah Hadassah as well as Mrs. Newman continue to be impressed by Morris’s behavior in tefillah each and every day. He understands how important this time is to him and he also knows that younger students look up to the 8th grader students as an example. Morris uses time in services to be a leader. Morris is also always looking out for his classmates and is always willing to help anyone who needs the help. He is the mensch for the month of October!

Nora Igelnik – Seventh Grade – Nora always has a smile on her face and is eager to help her classmates and teachers with anything that needs to get done. This week she wrote an article for the Schechteron, and gave up her in class time to work on it without a complaint. Nora also gives her time to help some students in the class understand and review important material. We are so proud to have Nora as this month’s mensch of the month!

Eli Wolf – Sixth Grade – Classmates describe Eli Wolf as always willing to help others. She consistently volunteers her time to those who need help on homework or classwork assignments. Her bright smile and warm welcome brighten the entire middle school hallway each morning. Eli also appreciates her classmates and took the time to fill out several Mensch of the Month cards for other people this month. She is a leader who stands up to do what is right, even if it might not be the most popular thing to do. Eli Wolf is a mensch!

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