Please join us in congratulating our Mensches of March!

Sixth Grade – Melissa Rothschild had a common theme in all of her nominations. Each person who wrote a card, included something about how she is such a wonderful friend. She was nominated by both boys and girls in the grade for acts of kindness. Some examples include: checking to make sure someone was okay after getting hurt, sharing snacks with hungry classmates, sharing items from her Mishloach Manot, and cheering up classmates when they are feeling down. Melissa, you are a mensch!

Seventh Grade – William Uvlin is a quiet, helpful, and kind student in the seventh grade. He always has friendly words to say to his peers and his teachers. He helps others with classwork and homework. Passing out papers, picking up chairs, and putting basketballs away are all things that William does. William is the poster boy for “DTRT—-Do the right thing.” William is certainly our mensch of the month!

Eighth Grade – Reanna Tsirlin has been nominated more than seven times! She is a team player, always volunteering and showing up to lend a helping hand. Whether it is selling ice cream at the Wax Museum, babysitting, selling food at basketball games or being a dedicated member of the yearbook staff- Reanna is your go-to person! Reanna is also very caring- she makes sure to help her classmates by putting computers away or showing genuine concern when a classmate does not show up to class. Reanna helped Lindy execute an amazing Secret Shlomo for Chanukah and she is a real positive presence in the 8th grade. Reanna is a mensch!

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