Kabbalat Tikun, a special moment for our 4th grade students

The fourth grade celebrated their skill as Torah readers on Wednesday evening, May 27, at their Kabbalat Tikun ceremony.  In addition to chanting a verse from the Torah, each student shared an insight about how a Torah scroll is created and what the Torah means to us as Jews.  The class also sang an Etz Chaim medley and a beautiful song called, “A Place Where I Belong” which was written from the perspective of a Torah scroll that gets saved during the Holocaust. We greatly appreciate Dr. Sylvia Malcmacher Kramer and the Malcmacher family’s generosity and sincerity in providing each student the gift of their very own Tikun.  The evening culminated in our getting to see Gross Schechter’s own Czech Torah scroll that was written in 1910 and saved during the Holocaust as well.  May the fourth graders continue to use and enjoy their Tikunim often in the years ahead as they prepare to chant from the Torah. Mazal Tov, fourth graders! May you continue to go from strength to strength.

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