November is just around the corner and winter weather will surely be upon us before we know it.  There may be days that we close school due to inclement weather.  That decision is made in collaboration with the local public school districts.  We try to make the call as early as possible but we all know the weather in Cleveland can change quickly.  We notify our community with a phone call using the robo call system as well as posting the information on TV.  If you haven’t received any of the robo calls to date, please contact Sue Foley in the office to have your information updated.

This past week our Judaic staff participated in two days of professional development with a representative from JTS.  The professional development is due to a grant that we received from JTS  which focuses on Standards and Benchmark.  Our teachers are learning to develop standards for our Judaic curriculum, align lesson plans, develop assessments and coordinate what we teach k through 8.  This is a great opportunity for our staff and will ultimately enhance our already enriching experience for our students.  The process that they are learning can be used in other curricular areas as well.  At school, we had two days where we stressed general studies as we reorganized the schedule to accommodate our Judaic staff being out of the building.  There will be more of these days during the course of the school year and we have exciting activities and programs being planned for students.

Our soccer team finished their season this week.  They did a great job representing Gross Schechter.  Their play improved, they were great sports and the team jelled together as the season progressed.  I want to recognize our 8th graders who provided very positive leadership for the team: Daniel Uria, Sela Uher, Abbe Newman, Ethan Smith, Avi Zimmerman, George Goldstein, Kobi Einhorn, Eli Jacobs, Daniel Mardakhayev, Noah Saidel and William Uvlin.

On Friday afternoon we held an all-school Shabbat Shabang.  It was a very spirited afternoon filled with a lot of joy.  Our 8th graders performed a variety of routines that they developed during their optional Academy period.  There’s no better way to end the week than singing, dancing, laughing and cheering.  Thanks to Sheri Gross and our middle school team for the pre-Shabbat celebration.

On Tuesday, October 31 we will have picture re-takes.  November 10 is a Professional Development Day for our staff and no school for students.  Congratulations to Eli Wolf on her upcoming Bat Mitzvah this weekend.

Have a great weekend and Shabbat Shalom.


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