creative writing - josh and nora

Two of our 6th Grade Students won awards in this year’s Creative Writing Contest. Read their selections here.

Joshua Murdakhaev, 6th Grade

I can see it. It’s right there, haunting me. I can almost feel it, almost taste it. It has been too long since I have seen the light. For years now, all it has been is darkness and hatred. Cold, dark nights creeping toward me, ready to launch itself at me. But I knew it would come. It would save me. The light of new life, it could help. All of our pain and suffering,will come to an end. If only it had come sooner, it could have saved the rest of us. There are a few of us left, but that is enough. The Germans, they have tortured us. They made us see things, children my age should not  see. But I always had hope, I knew they would come, our savior, our knights in shining armor. People thought it was too late, too many tears shed, and blood lost. But the liberators  have come, they  put a stop to all of the agony. The evil ones will be stopped, I know it. It’s all coming back to me, the good times, when we were happy. We were a complete family, not this horrible, broken one. We could have lived a happy, perfect life, but instead we are left with this torment. But our saviors, they promised us a new life, and better life. I can finally live life with confidence, not fear. Terror Horror Demise These are no longer the words that I have to believe. Maybe I can live with pleasure, or joy, yes, that would be amazing. We now can leave this treacherous place, and live in a beautiful home Without having to worry if I will live to see the next day. It has come now, I can feel the light. I am living the light And I am never letting it go.  

Nora Igelnik, 6th Grade

Hello, Mr.Liberation, Nice to meet you. I’ve been stuck in the dark, a darkness that engulfed me like no other.  It was soft at first, but then became a darkness that filled me with fear for more days than I can count. Now, the light has finally come in. Thank You. Hello, Mr.Liberation, The number replaced my identity. The number changed my life. The darkness intensified. The bold, dark ink makes me cringe everytime I look at it. It reminds me of the horrid days I’ve been through, We’ve been through. Yet it reminds me that I made it through. The light has come in. Thank You. Hello, Mr.Liberation The darkness came with no regrets, just losses, losses of my people. The darkness took those innocent souls with him. It nearly took mine. Those souls are free, because the light has come. Thank You. Hello, Mr.Liberation Even though the darkness rained over my head, I stood strong through this journey, with only myself and my tears to lead the way. Then the light came, and wiped my tears away. Thank You. Hello, Mr.Liberation, We proved them wrong, I am still here, and I am here to stay NEVER AGAIN NEVER FORGET I WELCOME MY NEW LIFE  

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Rachel Lappen

Rachel is the proud parent of two Schechter students.