Today was a more relaxed day. We started off by saying goodbye to our host families and feeling refreshed from our laid back weekends. This weekend, we got to sit back and relax our mind and muscles from our previous adventurous and exhausting week.

We got on the bus and drove from Tel Aviv to the desert and arrived at an archeological digging site. We got to dig for real artifacts in ancient caves from the Maccabee times. We found parts of clay pottery, animal bones, and charcoal. Eliana Wolf even found a piece of glass, which is a rare find!

We drove a long way deeper into the desert where we learned how Israel can grow food and use agriculture in the sandy, hot desert. We also got to taste the food! They had amazing, fresh strawberries that everyone loved, so many types of tomatoes, and 4 different colored carrots. At the end, some of us were given pigeons to hold, and then release. It was so cool to see them all fly off at once in the same direction. It was a beautiful way to end our day!

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