We first started the day off by Ohad knocking on our door to wake us up at 6:30am; we’re getting used to the knocking, but not super used to the early wake ups. We got ready and later prayed with an amazing view of a crater.

After we prayed, we ate breakfast and got ready to go repelling. Once we all watched the first person go down the crater, all of us were feeling so excited and scared at the same time. When we all successfully finished repelling, we went to the Ilan Ramon center where we learned more about his life and his mission where he sadly died. There were some really cool interactive movies and more incredible views of the crater.

Since we were doing so many activities, we got hungry and went to a nearby market and got into groups and picked out what we wanted to eat and made food. Hillary and Ohad called this a Supermarket Sweep.

When we all got filled up and ready to go, we went to Sde Boker where we saw David Ben Gurion’s grave and went to the kibbutz and house where he lived the last years of his life. David Ben Gurion’s dream was the desert to bloom and he has done such a great job of inspiring people to make the desert bloom because there are a lot more trees and flowers and there is so much going on there.

After a long day in the heat, we drove to the Bedouin tents. When we first got there we went to the tent where we were sleeping and put all our stuff down. We got greeted by a Bedouin women who made tea and coffee for us while explaining her life story and more about her people. After that we got to ride camels. Once we were done with camels, we went to go eat dinner which was pita, couscous and some meats all served on a big platter.

Once we ate dinner, we went back to the tent and and relaxed a bit until we made a bonfire and people started to play ukulele and make s’mores before getting ready for a night sleeping in the big tents. Overall, this day was great and filled with so many fun and meaningful things.
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