We started off the morning waking up very early at 4:45, our earliest wake up of the trip. After that, we went straight to the hardest hike of the trip, Har Tzfahot. It was very beautiful, and at the highest point of the climb, we had tefillah overlooking the borders of four countries – Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Hillary also led a guided meditation.

Once everyone hiked down, we had a picnic breakfast overlooking the Red Sea. Then, we went snorkeling in the Red Sea. It was so fun!  There were jellyfish everywhere. You would swim forward for 7 seconds and 2 jellyfish would rub against your leg or your snorkel mask. Don’t worry, it was a species that didn’t sting.

After that, we went banana boating, something we’d been waiting for the entire trip because we spent this year fundraising for this. It was very fun to go so fast on the water. The only problem is that I got a bunch of salt in my eyes. We weren’t supposed to fall off the boat, but Maya did at one point; she got back on though, so it’s all good.

Then we got 50 shekels from our madrich Ohad to buy pizur lunch at a mall in Eilat.

After that, we went back to the kibbutz for free time. It’s been very, very hot, so rest time was important for our evening activity. We had three hours to sleep and we could spend one of those hours at the pool. At the pool, some of us worked on diving skills and others goofed around, but we all had a great time.

Then, we went to the sand dunes. They are giant hills of Lyme sand, which is really fine. People had a great time running, jumping, and rolling through this sand. Once we had played for a while, the people from the Kibbutz made us dinner at the sand dunes, and we finished our night there with another s’more bonfire before going back to the hotel to pack and sleep. Today was definitely my favorite day of the trip.
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