It feels like we hike up a mountain every day, but today’s mountain was different: Masada. Masada is the hike everyone fears, but everyone counts down the minutes until it, too.

We began the day waking up at the totally normal time of 5:25am, which isn’t our best time of day, but we had to beat the 100 degree heat before it hit Masada. The hike up took about 15 minutes and though it was strenuous, we all survived. We had a beautiful tefillah on top of the mountain. We also learned about the history; apparently there was a mass suicide on Masada, which took place in order to protect the Jews from the Romans as they invaded.

After learning the history, we began our descent. This took exactly 35 minutes and was in the scorching heat, but we made it down and then had a picnic breakfast. We climbed a mountain before breakfast…what did you this morning??

Afterwards we had a splash in the Dead Sea and by splash, I mean we awkwardly walked in and stayed in for about five minutes because we all had so many cuts and the pain was just too much. We then put on the mud and ate food before taking our two hour drive to Eilat.

All but two of us slept, which was great. We stopped at a famous dairy kibbutz and all bought chocolate and ice cream and thoroughly enjoyed it before finally getting to Kibbutz Ketura.

Ketura is a gorgeous kibbutz with date trees, solar power and algae that they grow. They welcomed us so nicely with signs, a tour, and a pool party with falafel. This was an amazing day, and just another part of another amazing week.

We miss you all, but are happy to be together!
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