As our trip of a lifetime came closer to its dreaded end, the 8th grade class enjoyed our last day in kibbutz Ketura. We did so by getting up at a time that many of us considered torture because of how early it was. Despite our groggy complaints about not being able to open our eyelids, the class trudged down to a garage full of bikes. Early morning bike riding may not have been ideal to us at first, but as we got going, everyone couldn’t help but smile as they laid their eyes on the beautiful sights around the kibbutz.

After concluding our bike ride, eating breakfast, and doing an Ohad-style tefillah, we all boarded the bus, mentally and physically preparing ourselves for an extremely long bus drive to Jerusalem. A lot of us took that time to take well deserved naps while others enjoyed the desert scenery as we said goodbye to Eilat. About halfway through our ride,  we stopped for lunch and a special ice cream treat (provided to us by our teachers), in Ein Gedi.

After eating, we boarded the bus yet again to head to the holy city of Jerusalem. When we arrived, we enjoyed a breathtaking overlook of the city and took some time to write journal entries about what Jerusalem meant to us.

We split up into different groups for a pizur dinner at Machane Yehuda where we ate dinner and took some time to get shopping done.

One of the highlights of the day was when we were surprised with a Hapoel Jerusalem basketball game! While there, we cheered on Jerusalem, met the new shin shins for next year, and met Tabir Goodman, a basketball player from Baltimore (known as the Jewish Jordan) who had some special connections to Cleveland and Schechter, and had fun all together!

We will all remember what a good day we had, despite how early it started.
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