Today we woke up at 6:30. By accident. It was a great way to start our morning. In reality, it was supposed to be a late wake up at 7:30, but there was a mistake with communication and we lost a precious hour of sleep. Thanks, Ohad. Don’t worry, we still love you!

After feeling groggy, we woke up and slugged downstairs, but our attitudes quickly lifted when we remembered it was Yom Haatzmaut!! And like that, we were off to today’s adventures.

First stop: Kotel! Here we prayed at Robinson’s Arch. For many of us it was our first time at the kotel and it was very meaningful for all of us. Ariella, Julian, Talya, Ayala, and I all read from the Torah!

Next, we watched the air show at Arthur’s grandparents’ apartment! They were on the 21st floor and the planes were at eye level, which was incredible! We had pizza and delicious desserts while hearing inspiring stories about Judaism and not giving up hope and faith. We had such a fun time and we were sad to go, but excited for the next part of today’s adventure: the water tunnels in Ir David (City of David)! We went through tunnels that were used in the time of the temple and got to see where the stories we learned as little kids come to life around us.

We ended our night at the Ramah BBQ meeting other Ramah tour groups and dancing together, which was the perfect end to the Yom Haatzmaut we will remember for life.
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