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Israel 2023 – May 5: Ezra Epstein & Coby Saidel

After a long bus ride from Eilat to Beit Shean, we met up with the kids from our sister school at a park. We had a quick lunch and instantly became friends. Then we headed to the pool for a quick swim to cool down. Afterwards we enjoyed popsicles while getting to know them even better. It was amazing to meet kids just like us who live so far away. Eventually we headed to the hotel and then back out to dinner and dancing with them. We just danced and did bucket drumming on exercise balls. It was a really fun night.

The next day we went to their school and delivered flowers to people on the street to show the partnership between Beit Shean and Cleveland. We then had a small Shabbat ceremony with them where we played Kahoot and sang songs. We then went on a long drive to Tzfat where we had lunch at a shawarma place which was really yummy. We then shopped for souvenirs and clothes and even a soccer ball for Shabbat. We then drove to our hotel where we got ready for Shabbat dinner and services.

This Shabbat was very memorable because it was in the very holy city of Tzfat. We went to a religious synagogue where we sang and danced until the end. After we walked back to our hotel where we had dinner and ended our long day of fun and traveling. See you soon!