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Israel 2023 – May 3: Sadie Barnholtz & Maya Gorodeski

Today we started off our morning with a three mile bike ride around the kibbutz we have been staying at for the past two nights. It was very cool because we got to see and learn about the date trees they have. One of the coolest things we did was get really close to the Jordanian border!

After that we biked into the desert where the fathers Abraham, Issac, and Jacob could have done their tefillah long ago. We each went into a different spot, far away from each other to do a meaningful personal tefillah. Then we biked back to where we started for a nice breakfast. After breakfast we went to a biblical animal safari called Hai Bar. We saw so many cool animals like gazelles, ostriches, donkeys and more! After the safari we headed back to the kibbutz for lunch and rest time.

Then to end our day we took a trip to the sand dunes where we went hiking up to the top of the mountain to the sand dunes. There we slid and ran down the super soft sand piles and had a yummy homemade pita dinner with s’mores. After that we headed back to the kibbutz to shower and go to bed because we were very sandy and tired.