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Israel 2023 – May 2: Asher Solomon

We began the day at 5:00 am for the hike on the tzefahot mountain, which was tiring but fun. It was so windy that tefillah was challenging but we pulled through and did it beautifully. At the top we enjoyed good views of the Red Sea.

When we finished we hopped on the bus and went down to the road for snorkeling. It was most people’s first time so they found it hard to get used to but pulled through and it was fun to see all the fish and coral. There were all sorts of fish like a rainbow one and we saw dory, of course. 

After we headed to banana boating which I think was everyone’s highlight of the day. Then we walked around the mall that sat off the beach and got a really good lunch. We headed back to the kibbutz to rest, had dinner then we had a drum circle which was nice. It was a fun day. But it sure was tiring!