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Israel 2023 – May 1: Jordan Uria

Shalom! We started off today by waking up in Tel Aviv to do our morning tefillah. Once we finished tefillah, we ate breakfast and then gathered all of our stuff and loaded it onto the bus. We had a long two and a half hour bus ride to Kibbutz Ketura. An hour and a half into the bus ride, everyone was sleeping but we stopped at the Ramon’s visitors center which was interesting to learn about. We learned about the first Israeli astronaut that went to space. We learned that when his spaceship was landing, it broke into pieces and everyone died on the ship. That was emotional to learn about. The Ramon visitors center also showed how craters formed which was really interesting to look at and learn about. They were showing us these cool movies in different rooms.

After the Ramon visitors center we hopped back on the bus to get lunch. What we had to do for lunch was we had a budget to spend at a grocery store and we had to buy groceries that we could all eat. It was a weird but fun and bonding challenge. We got back on the bus for another hour and went to our kibbutz. Our kibbutz has a swimming pool, soccer field and basketball court which is really cool. We settled into our kibbutz and then we headed straight to the soccer field for two hours which was really fun but it was really hot. We went back to our rooms to change for an awesome BBQ and pool party. We ate dinner and then ran straight into the pool. We played water polo in the pool which was really fun. Then we headed to bed really early because the next day we had to get up at 5 in the morning for hiking, banana boating and snorkeling in Eilat.