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Israel 2023 – April 30: Jonah Greller

Shalom Gross Schechter!

Today we had a very big learning day – it started with learning about the story of a kibbutz that died out but has been rebuilt. It was very cool and interesting to hear the fascinating history of that place. After that we went over to a shared area between Palestinians and Israel’s so we could talk to a Palestinian and an Israeli about their thoughts on the conflicts. It was a very interesting and in depth conversation that helped me open my mind more and understand all perspectives.

When the talk was finished, we went to a park area to have the last bit of “free time” with our group and everyone had a fun time playing soccer, hanging out, or playing on a playground. We had some activities reflecting on the trip so far and then we walked to dinner. After dinner, we hopped on a bus, and unfortunately it was time to say goodbye to our close friends we have made the past two weeks. It was a very depressing and emotional moment but we are all now excited to move on to the next part of our trip of a lifetime.