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Israel 2023 – April 28-29: Drew Mintz

Good afternoon Gross Schechter!

Shalom! Today we went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial Center. It was a very sad and inspirational moment. I had sad time learning about the Holocaust. I never actually got to learn about the holocaust like this before but it was meant something to me and I thought it was really cool. Everybody should experience learning about this once in a lifetime event about how people went to Concentration Camps and if they got sick, they killed them and how about people volunteered to kill people. The building was in a triangle shaped.

After that we went to the shuk to shop and eat lunch we did it pizur style. It was really busy and crowded. They had a lot of food and candy places and shops.  After that we had a couple of hours to get ready to go to the western wall for shabbat we took the bus there we did Shabbat on are own then we go to go pray by ourselves and dance with people I had such a fun and special moment that I will never forget. After that we got to walk back it was a 30 min walk back to the hotel after that we had dinner than did a program like Secret Santa.