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Israel 2023 – April 21-22: Jordan Uria

Hey Gross Schechter!

This morning we woke up in a kibbutz where they had many roosters screaming ALL NIGHT! We led tefillah this morning which was very fun and very meaningful for us to be leading as a class. After tefillah we had breakfast and made our own sandwiches for lunch because we will be on the move all day! The first place we went was Agamon-Hahula, where we had a peaceful and tiring 5 mile bike ride. The views were beautiful and we saw many animals such as exotic birds, turtles, catfish, and donkeys!

Our second stop was Har Bental. Unfortunately we were so cold that it was hard to enjoy but the view was amazing and we could see the border to Syria. Many many years ago it was actually a volcano! The war tunnels were really cool to walk through but some were blocked because they were too dangerous. Our third stop of the day was at Katzrin where we put on fun and super silly old-timey clothes and head coverings. While at Katzrin we toured ancient houses and learned how they were built and what the different rooms and appliances were used for. Then we learned how people in ancient times made olive oil! The guide who looked like Moses called up volunteers to become his “slaves”. His new slaves then threw olives into this big piece of equipment and pushed it to crush the olives. The sound of the pits popping was definitely one of the coolest parts! They then scooped the crushed olive mush into a sack. After that they put the sack into a machine where two slaves pushed a wooden stick to lower a big block to crush the olive mush and turn it into oil. After all that we headed to an ancient shul to finish tefillah and read Torah.

Our last big activity of the day was rafting on the Jordan River! WOW! It was so much fun! There was one waterfall that we had to go down and it was really rocky. We got soaked! In the end of the ride we ended with a total of 23 spins on the raft! We then headed to a mall for dinner and shopping, After a full day we ended with a fun game and sports night!!