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Israel 2022 – Day 3: Gavi Lappen

Yesterday, we did so many fun things. We started off the day after breakfast and Tefillah and went to Tzfat. After we got there, we heard the siren for Yom HaShaoh. For me, it was super meaningful because I was able to participate in a full country remembrance of the loss of the Shoah. Then we went into one of the oldest synagogues in Israel where we learned about how special this specific shul was than all of the other Shuls that we attend because of the way that the architects built the Bima and use different colors and art work for imagery. Next, we got to go to a glass blowing workshop where the artist talked about her process for her art and her Jewish journey. Ms. Henkin pointed out that she talked in a lot of metaphors about how glass is like life, because it’s fragile, but when held up to the fire, it’s really strong. Hearing that on Yom HaShoah was really meaningful because it’s like the Jewish people!

After Tzfat, we went to Mount Arbel. We hiked for about two and a half hours down this incredible mountain. At points, some of us freaked out because we had to climb down and the mountain was almost vertical! It took a lot of trust and team work to help each other down the mountain. There were so many old caves that we explored. It was super cool to see all of the nature and beautiful sites and views. After the hike, our guide Yoav bought us all popsicles because some of the group members were able to solve a really hard riddle he gave them.

The last part of the day was going to Tiberius and having a Pizur dinner. That is when we receive fifty shekels to get ourselves dinner at the mall. Whatever we want! The line at Kosher McDonald’s was crazy long with kids from our trip. I personally got a shawarma and it was delicious.

To end the night, our Madrichim, Daniel and Adav, hosted Israel’s Got Talent. We got put into groups and had to create skits about anything we wanted. The challenge was to use our slang Hebrew word of the day חינג׳ה (plural חינגות) which means “rave,” like a massive party. Things got…interesting when we presented to the judges (our chaperones). Rabbi Ben made an awesome Howie Mandel and made all of us laugh with the way he rated our skits because instead of numbers, he used hand drawn pictures, like the William Shatner award for overacting, the “good-er” job, a slow motion tear drop, three side-kicking Bruce Lee’s, and a furry dollar sign. In the end, Zach and Maks’ team were crowned the winner, even though my team had a choreographed fight scene and a slow dance.