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Israel 2022 – Day 1: Zach Smith

We’re finally in Israel!!!! It was a long journey — like an entire day — but we finally made it.



We woke up early to get to the Cleveland Airport and had a good flight to Newark. We had a pretty long layover before a pretty long flight to Israel. We were supposed to sleep on the flight, but instead we watched a lot of movies, hung out with some kids from the other schools on our trip (and the Mandel kids, who were also on our flight), and we did a lot of people watching!

Once we landed, we met up with the other five schools on our trip. Camp Ramah has named us the Beyachad Group.  We took two Covid tests, which were much more efficient than in the US. After we got the all-clear, we got to come out of our very short quarantine and head tothe hotel, which is in the Kinneret. On the way, we stopped to see a really pretty view of the Kinneret (check out my model pose pic below) and did a Schechyanu with all of the other schools on the trip as a special blessing since we finally made it to Israel!



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