Any time the United States transitions to a new administration, it becomes an historical event, and we knew that Inauguration Day 2021, with the added layer of the Covid 19 pandemic, would be unforgettable. We wanted to ensure that our students experienced the impact of this important day. As students entered our building on January 20th, they were treated to patriotic music filling the halls. Our school day began with live (zoom) announcements, beautifully led by our 6B class, which included a brief explanation of what Inauguration Day entails, and a 5 question trivia game! (Congratulations to our 7th graders on getting the win!)

We ended announcements with a special prayer for our Government, led by Rabbi Berger. Miss Meyer and Miss Shainker made a slide presentation jam packed with facts, photos and videos detailing the importance of a Presidential inauguration, which was sent to teachers to show in their classrooms at their own pace. This led to meaningful discussions in every grade. We can’t leave out the fact that lunch included a special treat–red, white and blue cupcakes! The day ended with an all-school live zoom presentation with video footage of Vice President Kamala Harris taking her oath of office, President Joe Biden taking his oath of office, excerpts of Amanda Gorman’s beautiful poem, Lady Gaga’s National Anthem, Jennifer Lopez’s version of This Land is Your Land, and finally, a clip of President Biden’s dog Major’s “INDOGURATION” as the white House’s first rescue dog! Kudos to Mrs. Newman and her committee for planning a really impactful, memorable and fun day to welcome our new President and his administration!

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