By Carolyn Clerget, Schechter Music Teacher

On Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 Schechter students grades Kindergarten through Fourth celebrated Hanukkah through music in their concert Hanukkah in Harmony.  Lead by music teacher, Carolyn Clerget, the students performed for a packed audience in the Merkaz.  

Kindergarten began the celebration with Ner Li, My Hat and Gloves, Burn Little Candles and Joyful Bells.  Not only did they sing with great enthusiasm but they also showed off their rhythm stick skills and their artistic ability through the Hanukkah hats they wore!

Next Second Grade took the stage with Light a Candle for Hanukkah.  They exhibited their agile tongues in the tongue twister Snow is Falling and ended the set with Banu Choshech L’gareish and Do You Know About Hanukkah?  Their performance was punctuated with a exclamatory “Hey!” and the audience erupted with applause and smiles.    

The Third and Fourth Grades continued the festivities with Dance Around the Room, a two part piece based on the traditional Israeli folk song Zum Gali Gali.  Audience members giggled at the light-hearted, humorous three part round, Lots of Latkes and tapped their feet to the jazzy beat of Maoz Tzur.  Third and Fourth Graders finished their performance with Peace, an energetic arrangement of Shalom Chaverim.    

Next, the Schechter Third and Fourth Grade Choir performed a two part arrangement of the well loved S’vivon and then finished with the Maccabeat’s Hasmoneon, a entertaining Hanukkah parody of the Broadway musical Hamilton.

The concert ended with a short but lively audience sing-along including songs Hanukkah Chag Yafeh, I Have a Little Dreidel, and O Hanukkah, O Hanukkah that had everyone clapping and sing together.  Schechter students shined brightly on Tuesday evening and certainly brought people together in harmony!

Did you miss the performance?  We have a video on our Facebook page!

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