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Kehillat Schechter is facing the challenges of this very difficult time in Israel with hope and purpose. We emphatically continue to stand strong with Am Yisrael! Here at school, our entire kehillah stands strong as well. We’ve consolidated the ways to support Eretz Yisrael, members of Kehillat Schechter in Israel and our students and staff at this time of war. Your help and involvement are needed more than ever, so please engage in as many ways as you can.

Upcoming Events

Washington, D.C.

National March for Israel

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B'nai Jeshurun Congregation

An Evening with Naftali Bennett

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Greetings from our 2022-23 Shinshinim

Ways to Contribute

Kehillat Schechter Members in the IDF

Itay Adanya
Roni Avitan
Tomer Blise
Guy Gibor
Itay Hameiri
Shira Hameiri
Elrom Kalo
Eshkar Kates
Orel Maayan
Ido Margalit
Yoav Manor
Nir Matana
Mical Ortman
Shira Rub
Julia Rush
Dan Saggi
Yoav Saggi

This is a working list. To add names, please email

Help out former Beachwood resident (and nephew of current teacher Sara Rancman) Yoni Chajmovic.

Letter Writing

Principal Batsheva of Ort Oranim, our sister school in Beit She’an welcomes letters, notes and artwork to her teachers and students.  Please send messages directly to her email

Additionally, there are two sets of letters being requested: Educator to Educator and Student to Student.

We suggest typing your letters so that they are easily read. If writing in Hebrew is possible, that would be wonderful. If writing the letter in English by hand, please write in block letters, rather than cursive script.

  • Suggestions of wording:
    • We admire your strength.
    • We see your pain and feel for you.
    • We know that you may be scared.
  • Although you will not receive specific details of your letter’s recipient, please share some personal information including the grade you are in or what you teach, where you live, and something about yourself or your family. These details will help the reader connect with you. Tell them about anything you may have done to support Israel.
  • As you can imagine, Israel educators are under tremendous pressure at this time. The Jewish Agency requests that we please prioritize writing to them first.
  • Your notes can be as long as you wish. Please upload all of the letters and drawings by clicking the links below and they will be shared directly with educators and students in Israel.

How to Connect

Join us at our new Cafe Kehillati which will be open during school hours. Bring your personal laptops as we have set up a shared space with charging stations and supplies, coffee and tea: perfect for shmoozing, working, kibbitzing, lending a hand, writing letters to the IDF and sharing hugs.

Members of our Kehillah are invited to come daven with our middle schoolers in morning tefillah, which happens daily at 8:45 am

We will continue to provide our teachers with ongoing resources. We want to extend an offer to speak with any of our team should you need a listening ear or a comforting, familiar face.  Please reach out to the following staff if there are ways we can provide extra support to you, your student(s) and families:

Head of School, Ginny Galili
School Counselor, Tracey Vaiselberg