Dear Kehillat Schechter,

Cuyahoga County, along with the rest of Ohio, has been experiencing a month-long surge in coronavirus cases. Our Gross Schechter community hasn’t had a confirmed case since school began, and while we have surely been lucky, the main reasons for our success remain (1) our careful implementation of safety protocols, and (2) your vigilance in keeping our community safe. By wearing masks in public, avoiding large indoor gatherings, and keeping your children home when necessary, you have helped us remain healthy and keep school open.

We are all feeling the effects of “Pandemic Fatigue”; we are tired of all the distancing and social limits. With Thanksgiving approaching, we want nothing more than to gather with our extended families and friends for a big, festive holiday meal. However, we cannot afford to let our guard down; doing so would likely lead to school closure, and more importantly, would endanger the health of families and staff, especially those at higher risk of severe infection.

For this reason, as a community, we all need to keep our Thanksgiving gatherings small. Based on all the recommendations from medical experts, there is simply no way to have an extended, multi-course dinner with people outside of our households without significant exposure — and given the increasing cases of the virus in our community, that would surely lead to spreading.  And while the concept of “quarantine pods,” when implemented with care, can allow families to blend, it would be disingenuous and dangerous to suddenly claim that as of November 26th, we are now joining pods with our cousins from New York, our sister-in-law’s family from Cincinnati, or even our friends from the next town over.

Families who choose to take part in large Thanksgiving gatherings, or even smaller gatherings that extend beyond individual households and established quarantine pods, should plan to have their children quarantine for 14 days following the Thanksgiving break, and join SchechterAnywhere (remote learning) during that time. We will ensure that students who do so can keep pace with their class until they return to school.

Alternatively, we can embrace the concept of Zoom Thanksgiving, as many of us did during the hagim. With technology, we can spend time with our relatives and loved ones, and even have them at our table, virtually. If we remember our commitments to each other — including the pledge we signed in the Parent Handbook addendum — we can have a great Thanksgiving without putting our Gross Schechter community at risk, or causing us to have to close school.

Some good news! Our 18-month students are back in school after the student had a negative COVID test.


Important Dates:

  • Sunday, November 1: Turn Back Clocks 1 Hour
  • Monday, November 2: Pajama Day!
  • Tuesday, November 3: Election Day (have your child(ren) wear red, white and blue clothing)
  • Friday, November 6: First Early Friday Dismissal (2:30 pm). South Euclid/Lyndhurst, Mayfield, and Solon will NOT be doing Early Friday pickup.  Please make arrangements for your students to be picked up. 
  • Friday, November 13: Professional Development Day, No School
  • Saturday Night, November 14: SPA Drive-In Movie featuring Sing (Parking lot opens 6:30 pm; Movie begins at 7:00 pm). Register here before October 29th to be entered to win Schechterwear for the WHOLE FAMILY!
  • Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27: Thanksgiving Break, No School

Thank you in advance for being our partners in putting safety first,

Randy S. Boroff          Jonathan Berger                   Tracey Bortz  

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