Dear Families:

We are back to full weeks of school now that the holidays have passed. In turning the Torah back to Genesis, we begin the new cycle of readings once again, reminding us that we always have the opportunity to start again from the beginning, even when we’re examining texts that we have read many, many times before. This is an opportunity for everyone to “see the light”, re-organize our their lives, re-focus on what is important and complete tasks in order to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Our students have wonderful teachers who work hard to assist student’s engagement in their learning and keep them on track for success. Students must create a sense of organization to maintain their focus on academic achievement and most importantly, self satisfaction. As families, you can help us to keep our students focused on their studies and allow them to participate in some of the wonderful activities that are offered at Gross Schechter:

1. Establish routines regarding homework, use of the internet, watching TV and hours of sleep

2. Visit our website ( regularly and click on the Parent Portal (link under Parents tab) for information, grades, homework and upcoming events

3. Encourage your children to participate in school activities

4. Be involved parents and attend school activities and functions

4. Develop short and long term goals…create a plan for success

5. When you have a question…speak to the teacher first

6. Help to enhance Gross Schechter with all that you do and say

Other important reminders, we turn back the clocks on November 6! Friday, November 11 there is no school for students, it is a scheduled professional development day for staff and on Friday, November 18 we begin the early Friday schedule with dismissal at 2:30 pm.

The soccer season is completed, basketball season is upon us, cheerleaders are ready to perform, a school performing arts program is scheduled for December, the band has started practicing, our choir is rehearsing, Science Fair projects are being developed, parent conferences are nearing and the Indians are in the World Series! Schechter is a great place to be!

Thanks for your continued support of Gross Schechter.

Shabbat Shalom,



Head of School

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