There are so many exciting things happening right now at Gross Schechter Day School! Here is a quick update of the many projects, programs, and performances our students are working on and other school updates.

Science Projects:  Our 7th grade students are busy developing ideas and conducting research about their science projects for this year.  There has been plenty of creative and deep thinking happening in Mr. Norton’s 7th grade science class these last few weeks.  They are learning about scientific research, the scientific method, data collection, graphing, technical writing, developing a hypothesis and explaining their findings.  Over the next few months, these projects will be completed and presented to judges at our Schechter Science Fair, then hopefully at the Northeast Ohio Science Fair. Watch for updates about these projects.

Election Day Program:  Just as people from across the country participated in the election day process on Tuesday, Gross Schechter Day School students also experienced the voting process.  The middle school students presented four potential themes for our Annual Read for Life program to students in K-8. We also had Arthur Stadlin return to Gross Schechter to talk about Student Government and the value of having a voice heard in the political process.  Students had the opportunity to vote for the theme that they felt would be the best for the Read for Life program. The winner is, Dive Into the Decades.  At the same time, our ECC students had the opportunity to vote on what kind of special day they wanted to have and Pajama Day was (surprise, surprise!) the overwhelming winner.  This was a great way to introduce the voting process to our students and the importance of having a voice in our democratic process.

3rd Grade Biography Program:  Did you know that we had some very important historical people visit our third grade class lately?  I thought I spotted Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Zuckerberg, Sandy Koufax, Anne Frank, Michelle Obama, and even Albert Einstein walking the halls of Gross Schechter.  This annual program is the first step in learning how to research, write a biography, and present in front of a group. Another example of Knowledge, Skills, Creativity and Joy; the Four Pillars of a Gross Schechter education.

Schechter Faculty Singers:  Sheri Gross is organizing a Faculty Singing Group to perform at certain functions later in the year.  It’s amazing how many of our staff members can sing and how many are willing to try! Watch for opportunities to hear this talented group perform at future events.

Check Out the New Menu Items in November:  When you went to school did your school lunch program include Veggie Frittatas, Chicken Lo-mein, Meatball Subs, Cholent, Cheese Perogies, or Pizza Tortillas from fresh ingredients?  This month, Chef Yuval and Esti will be focusing on making homemade soups such as corn soup, vegetable soup, and tomato and rice soup. The special meal of the month is the annual Thanksgiving Feast on Tuesday, November 26.  Every day, Chef Yuval and Esti have a beautiful salad bar available to our students which includes lettuce, hard boiled eggs, black olives, tuna salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and sometimes hummus, cabbage salad, chickpea salad, and egg salad.

Winter Weather Information: Our early Friday schedule began today…that means the days are getting shorter and the weather is surely about to change.  Our next regular Friday dismissal is March 13, 2020! Please make sure that your children are dressed appropriately each day for the cold and wet weather.  We do go outside for recess as much as possible even when it snows.

In the coming months there may be days that we close school due to inclement weather.  That decision is made in collaboration with the local public school districts. We try to make the call as early as possible but we all know the weather in Cleveland can change quickly.  We notify our community with a phone call/text message using the robo call system as well as posting the information on TV. If you haven’t received any of the robo calls/text messages to date, please contact Molly Rosenberg in the office to have your information updated.

Upcoming Events:
Monday, November 11, General Studies Day, Veterans Day Program
Wednesday, November 13, 8th Graders assist at JNF Breakfast
Monday, November 18, Professional Development, No School for ECC through Grade 8.  ICC will be in session.
Thursday, November 21, Picture Retake Day.
Tuesday, November 26,  ECC Thanksgiving Feast 11:00am
Wednesday, November 27- Friday, November 29 : Thanksgiving Break
Thursday, December 5, The Diary of Anne Frank Performance 6:30pm 
Wednesday, December 11, Grades K-4 Winter Concert 6:30pm 
Thursday,  December 12, ECC Winter Spectacular 6:00pm 

Stay warm this weekend and get out the snow boots.  Shabbat Shalom.

Randy S. Boroff
Head of School

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