Dear Families:

This has been a great school year and we are ending on a very positive note. We said goodbye to our eighth graders with a beautiful dinner on Wednesday evening and an inspirational graduation ceremony on Thursday morning. Listening to the graduates’ conversations and speeches about their memories and experiences was heart warming. It is amazing what a student learns and experiences during their years at Gross Schechter. You don’t realize the magnitude until it is put into perspective as they prepare to head off to high school. No doubt our teachers and staff prepare our students well for the next chapter of their education.

Gross Schechter is in a very good place. We finished the school year with 244 students. Two and a half years ago we started the year with 211 students. The Infant Care Center is full with the first opening in March 2018. For the 2017-2018 school year, we projected 238 students, and as of today we are confident of 237 students starting in August. No doubt we will enroll additional students during the summer.

This year we continued to implement a STEM program focused on pre-engineering and wind turbine power. We brought Sheri Gross on board who has jump started a drama program with two wonderful plays, a monthly Shabbat Shabbang activity and assisted with the organization of holiday celebrations. Our Read for Life program was expanded to include a collaboration with Washington Carver Elementary School from Cleveland. Although small, we reinstituted a band and choir program, built a Sukkah, increased our after school co-curricular activities, and completed Phase I of our Garden project. Our students are involved in Tikkun Olam programs, learn to communicate, collaborate and be creative. They become competent in speaking, reading and writing the Hebrew language beginning in pre-school, learn to lead Tefillah service, read Torah beginning in 4th grade and feel comfortable participating in services in any synagogue.

There is a special feeling at Gross Schechter that permeates the entire building. You will feel it as soon as you enter…it’s the joy! You can hear it, feel it and see it in class discussions, coming from the music room, from watching student performances and plays, by listening to conversations when students are engaged in project based activities, when attending Tefillah, in physical education and the after school sports program, from the cheerleaders, at lunch when students sing and dance, and in the morning when students arrive with a smile, then at the end of the day when they leave with a smile.

On behalf of the entire staff and Board of Directors, I wish everyone a very enjoyable and healthy summer. See you on Monday, August 21st.


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