Week in Review 04/13/18

What a fabulous week at Gross Schechter! It’s not easy coming back from a long break, but our staff and students didn’t miss a beat. On Monday we cried a little as we sent our 8th graders on their trip of a lifetime to Israel and then ended the week on Friday with a spirited outdoor Buddy Shabbat celebration. We are all hoping the weather continues to get warmer so we can get outside more and enjoy some sunshine!

We have installed new door access controls at our front entrance which are the final items from the security grant that we received through the Ohio Department of Education. All parents and visitors must buzz in through the two sets of doors at the front entrance. Please push the white button on the left outside wall and wait to hear the tone before pulling the door open, then when you enter the vestibule you have to push the silver call button on the left and wait for the tone for the door to be unlocked. In the vestibule you will hear a phone dialing first, wait until you hear the buzz for the door to unlock. Please be patient as we become more familiar with the new system.

On Thursday we had a very reflective day at Schechter as we recognized Yom HaShoah. Our students and staff dressed in black and white, we had a “remembrance display” in the front hallway as students arrived and Sheri Gross and our middle school students organized a very meaningful ceremony for our 4th through 7th graders. There were poems read, videos watched, songs sung and we all stood quiet as a siren rang just as it does throughout Israel.

Next Wednesday, Schechter will recognize Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and then on Thursday, celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day). This is Israel’s 70th Anniversary and will be quite a celebration. Watch for more information about these special days at Schechter.

Speaking of Israel, you can join the 8th grade students’ experience in Israel by following their journey on Schechter’s Facebook page and reading the daily blogs from our students. We also have a map of Israel in the front lobby that is keeping track of the group’s travels. The map is being used to teach our students about Israel and showcase the different cities and areas that the 8th graders are visiting. Stop in and check it out!

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the spring weather (until it changes again) and Shabbat Shalom.


Randy S. Boroff

Head of School

Parashat Shemini

Rabbi Berger is currently in Israel with our 8th graders.  

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